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The team took a red-eye flight late Sunday night, arriving in Guyana early Monday morning and were greeted by hot humid temperatures . They headed to check into the hotel in a 1964 bus, however, they didn't make it too far because the bus got a flat tire. After getting it fixed and checking into the hotel, they shared lunch together and spent sometime out soulwinning. They visited in homes where the level of poverty they encountered was overwhelming.

Monday and Tuesday, they worked with Missionary Latcho (found through connections with our Medical Missionaries, Bradley Edmondson). Missionary Latcho and his church served with a humble and sweet spirit. They provided dinner for the team, and even had Coca-Cola for them to drink!

The evening service they held for the missionary was at his new church plant, and it was only their second service. 94 people were in attendance, Bro. Kistler lead singing and Bro. Park preached. Through the service and personal soulwinning on their first day 53 souls trusted Christ.

Today the team has again spent hours out soulwinning and tonight, Bro. Kistler will be preaching at Bro. Latchos church in the service our team is leading.

It has already been said that although they went to do missions work, God is doing a great work in their hearts. Please continue to pray for the team as they conduct services, spend hours visiting and continue to work with the missionaries throughout this week.


We had another tremendous day today in Guyana. After a great night's rest, we did a little sightseeing and went to the Guyana zoo. It was not all pleasure, however, as seven people were saved, including a man named Lloyd. He came to the service tonight and brought his wife, Cindy, who aso trusted Christ! We concuded our time with Bro. Latcho tonight and had a tremendous service where 107 were in attendance. 54 people trusted Christ today! God has definitely been working here in our midst and we are just privileged and humbled to be a part of it. Another great indication of God's intervention is the fact that it has not rained the two days we have been here. It is the rainy season had rained every day for the longest time, but not since we've arrived. That is significant because the areas we canvassed would be nearly impossible to reach. It was already muddy and hard to reach the houses. Plus, the service location is merely a roof with benches and lights. Rain would have ruined the services. God is definitely in control and we are looking forward to what else He has in store for us.


We went to two different public schools today and saw 85 children trust Christ! Looking forward to being at Victory Baptist Church tonight with Missionary Noel Shrivnauth.

It is amazing how God is continuing to bless here in Guyana during this trip! Tonight's revival service at Missionary Noel Shrivnauth's church was amazing! It lasted almost 3 hours! After enjoying the singing, we had testimony time and we had TESTIMONIES! Mrs. Karen Leger was the last to give her testimony and Bro. Shrivnauth was led to have the invitation, BEFORE the preaching! After it was all said and done, there were 176 in attendance with 20 saved and 2 baptized! Praise the Lord! On top of that, on the way home we found out that Lloyd and his wife Cindy, the couple that was saved on Tuesday, came to Bro. Latcho's midweek service.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and please continue to do so for the remainder of the trip.


I guess the Devil was tired of hearing of all the blessings and tried to put up a fight. Bro. Hank Kistler ended up with some type of bug and was down for the count for the rest of the day. Then, the rain made us reschedule our soulwinning with Pastor Ibrahim, the pastor of a church plant started 10 months ago by Bro. Shrivnauth. During lunch, we waited over 20 minutes for our "fast food" and when people don't get food on time, they tend to become a little "cranky". On top of that, we ended up being late to the rescheduled soulwinning time due to getting lost. I thought for sure that very few would be in attendance tonight, much less trust Christ. God had other plans, however.
People started showing up little by little and the pews were filing up. After the testimony time, the Lord led Pastor Ibrahim to conduct the invitation before the preaching just as Bro. Shrivnauth did yesterday. When visitors were being acknowledged, it was discovered that 2 teen girls were invited by a teen boy that was waiting for our group so that he could go soulwinning with us. When he could not wait any longer, he headed home and met those 2 girls that he would not have met had he gone with us. Both trusted Christ tonight along with 11 others! 110 people were in attendance for a tremendous service. I'm so glad we are on the winning side!


Today, our group enjoyed a day taking in some beautiful scenery of the country of Guyana. We went on a river excursion that was recommended to us by Bro. Shrivnauth. We left at 6 AM and rode a bus to a town called Parika. There, we took a boat ride on the Essequibo River, South America's 3rd largest river, to a mining town named Bartica. We enjoyed some amazing native tropical fruit and some shopping before heading off to our final destination: Baganara Island Resort. We enjoyed one of Guyana's finest restaurants located on that resort. The team members were able to relax after a delicious buffet by kayaking, fishing, walking on nature trails, or laying in one of many hammocks, all the while admiring God's amazing handiwork. The fellowship was great and it helped us recoup after a busy week and prepare us for ministry work for the weekend. We are looking forward to going soulwinning with Bro. Shrivnauth and his soulwinners tomorrow.


We had an incredible day today with Bro. Shrivnauth. His family and soulwinners prepared a delicious brunch for us for the soulwinning meeting. Our group then split up to visit different bus routes. The rain held off for the duration of our visitation and the soulwinners collectively saw 68 people trust Christ as their Saviour! It was also encouraging to see the number of soulwinners from Bro. Shrivnauth's church go out. We were also able to see Bro. Latcho's other two works before heading back to the hotel. Sunday will be a busy day for us as we conduct all the Sunday schools and church services. Praying for God's continued blessing for all the services, including the ones back at International.


We had a great finish to our missions trip today. Even with heavy rainfall all day, we still saw God work mightily! This morning, there were 156 in attendance with 4 saved and 4 baptized. Our team taught 4 Sunday school classes and preached 3 church services. It was also great to be able to Skype into the Brooklyn morning service and share some of the many blessings. After the service, the team was split up into two groups and ate lunch at the homes of church families. Their graciousness and humble spirits were amazing. A great surprise came later on when our hired driver came to the evening service with his wife. We've been working on him periodically throughout the week. The significance is that he is an Imam of a mosque here in Guyana!

Please pray for our safety as we fly out early in the morning to come back to America. Although we anticipate returning to our homes and families, part of our hearts will remain here in Guyana. Thank God that there will be a reunion someday in Heaven!


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