Our History

Where We Came From, and Where We’re Headed

International Baptist Church was conceived in God’s heart from the beginning. It was physically born on February 22, 1976 when Missionary John Morgan and his wife, Janice, moved to Brooklyn, New York from North Carolina.

The burial ground of evangelism was ripe for a New Testament Baptist church.

Through Starret City (pictured right), near KennedyAirport, a five-room apartment was obtained for the cost of utilities and promptly set up as a meeting place. After knocking on doors (sometimes as many as 350 in one day), the first service was held with 29 people attending. International Baptist Church was blessed by God and began to grow.

One year later, the church purchased a proper 100-seat church building (pictured left) with adjoining property in Brooklyn’s Windsor Terrace community and began the ministry of International Christian School with 33 students. Due to lack of space, “B” and “C” afternoon Sunday schools were added as well as the church’s first chapel, the French-speaking Emmanuel International Baptist Church.

Within five years, various outreach ministries began, including the teen ministry, a transportation ministry, a ladies’ Phoster Club, a men’s Fishermen’s Club, the deaf ministry, “D” Sunday school services, and a Kids in Action program on Saturdays.

The following five years saw the establishment of two additional French-speaking chapels in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn and Newark, New Jersey, as well as an on site Spanish church.

Stony Brook CampusIn 1992, a college campus was purchased in Long Island (pictured right and below). With eventual plans to open a Bible college, a local Baptist church was established on that Stony Brook campus. “One church in two locations” became the theme of International

Baptist Church. Ensuing ministries of a Sunday school, day school, bus ministry, adult ministries began, as well assummer camps for Northeast area churches.

1999 brought about the purchase of the campus at 312 Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. This purchase allowed the Brooklyn ministry to consolidate and hold regular services and the day school much room for growth.Brooklyn Campus Garden

In 2002, International Bible College began on the 12-acre Stony Brook campus. Graduates now serve in foreign countries and around the United States in various ministries.

International Baptist Church continues as it began in 1976: more than forty nationalities worship weekly, knowledge of and obedience to God’s Word is stressed; growth continues and a qualified staff competently strives to spiritually and physically serve our members and our city.

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